Monday, January 13, 2014

7 red hair color ideas (with pictures)

1. Red hair color works best with lightened eyebrows or glasses. Idea is not too make your dark eyebrows pop too much because its not that feminine.

2. Use a hair color safe shampoo! This is extremely important especially in the first month after dying your hair.

3. After coloring, don´t wash your hair for at least 2 days. Let the hair color do its job, you would not was the fence while its raining would you ? 

4. Special  hair oils. They all do a good job for a redhead. Thats one of the biggest things that makes a red hair color pop.

5. Moisturize. Red hairs curse is that it looks dry, you can fight it, there are many good moisturizers for red hair that make your hair look as amazing and alive as they are. Look around for hair moisturizers next time your in a beauty salon or get one online (much cheaper).

6. Avoid sun - use UV conditioning shampoo! Redken has the best UV protective shampoos out there for red hair color.

7.Enjoy your hair while the color is fresh! In time you will have to re dye it and it won´t always be perfect, so when it is go out and have fun.

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