Monday, January 13, 2014

5 amazing blonde hair colors tips

I have to start off by saying, that blonde is the most amazing color out there, your a lucky person if it matches you. You might think that being blonde takes more work, but actually its only more work with hair, and much less with other aparence. The reason being its light and you don´t need to color yourself so much to make it match (unless your´e dark skinned in witch case id go with another color).

1. The more sun, the better! Stay outside while sunny, your blond hair color will last longer. You should use leave-in conditioner when out for long tho, it will keep your hair not from drying out

2. Soft styling cream - keeps a blond hair more together and makes it feel and look thicker! If you feel like your haircut is not thick enath then try it.

3. Wash your hair less.  Once a day is okay, but keep the time you spend on your hair minimal. This will keep your color healthy longer, thus you don´t need to redye so many times.

4. For strengthening your strands you should use protein building treatment. Protein goes in your hair and makes blond shine more then any other color. It keeps strands strong so your hair grows faster and you can cut it more often to look nice.

5. Use a toning shampoo once in a while. Now no point in using them every day, if your natural color is dark then maybe twice a week and if its rather light then once a week is enath.

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